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Written by award-winning playwright Jean Tay, Chinatown Crossings is a Promenade Theatre performance based on stories collected from the Chinatown community.

Meet Kunalan, an Indian man who grew up in a Chinatown shophouse during the 1960s. Trace the story of his evolving friendship with Ting Ting, his landlady’s feisty daughter, as well as his relationship with her Cantonese caregiver, Fong Cheh, a majie who becomes a surrogate mother to him during his growing up years.

Follow Kunalan through the streets of Kreta Ayer and partake in this story of friendship and familial ties. Come experience the insides of a Chinatown shophouse, be treated to an array of interesting adventures in the nooks and crannies scattered across the neighbourhood; and relive the memories of Chinatown’s colourful past through a lush soundscape; and discover the many lost and forgotten practices, and art forms, of Chinatown’s vibrant community.


“Even if you’ve lived all your life in Singapore, it’s quite likely that this site-specific show will open your eyes a little wider to the hidden but captivating facts of life past and present in the district.”

– Helmi Yusof, The Business Times

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Drama Box is a non-profit contemporary theatre company with charity status. Formed in 1990, it has since gained a respectable reputation for presenting works that raise social awareness and inculcate civic responsibility amongst Singaporeans. Our productions are fun and entertaining, yet thought-provoking and reflective. 

Drama Box is a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Major Grant 2017 – 2020.

Our Vision & Mission:

Our works engage dialogically with the people and their socio-political conditions. We want the audience to be stimulated by the aesthetic experience, provoked to think about the issues presented, and participate actively in our works as "Spect-Actors" or "Creators".